Diana Marble

Diana marble is among the new beige marble varieties introduced by Turkey to the world. Diana marble, which offers an important opportunity to those who are looking for alternative natural stone to classical marble varieties in their high quantity projects thanks to its mobile structure; It has been applied in many domestic and international projects.

Thanks to the homogeneous structure of our marble quarry, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications as it can be easily preferred in large space application projects.

Diana marble, which is one of the marble types that beautify the places where it is applied thanks to its decorative structure; It can be produced in marble factories as raw, honed, polished, tumbled surface according to customer demand.

Diana marble, which is one of the marble types used in different decorative products according to customer demand; It is generally used in the production of blasting, mosaic, sink, kitchen and bathroom countertops and various ornamental products.

This marble, which is quarried as a block in Korkuteli quarry in the Mediterranean Region, is processed in high-tech factories and offered for sale, so its slab and dimensional products are of the highest quality.

Thanks to the decrease in quarry operating costs thanks to advanced technology machines and the preference of machines that produce higher quality products in the production line, it has provided an advantage in terms of price / quality ratio compared to many competitors in the world.

Diana marble, which is generally produced in 2X60X60 sizes due to its preference as the main marble in large space projects; It can also be produced in different sizes if desired.

Since it is one of the marble types with high mobility and works in harmony with marble types, it is generally applied as the main project marble.

With its hardness, polishing capacity and durability, it offers a visual beauty in the projects it is used in finished form.

It has been exported as blocks and slabs in China, India, Arab and European markets.

Our company is able to produce 4000 tons per month with its experienced qualified staff and construction machinery park in export block production.